Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Devils Chair-Lisbon Stone Quarry


 One of the Legends we have found around the Lisbon area concerns the old Lisbon Stone Quarry along the GreenWay Bike Trail.  The story goes that in the 1960's (nothing more specific on the date) there was a Satanic Cult that decided to commit suicide by jumping off of the cliffs found in the stone quarry.  Now the area is haunted by their ghosts.  The haunting seems to concentrate around what many call "The Devil's Chair".  Upon entering the stone quarry, go to your right and you will find it down in a sort of hollowed out area of stone.  It looks like a thrown or chair of sorts.  There is also a lot of graffiti around it. 

If you have heard any stories about this area or the Devil's Chair, please email me at !

2012 Trick or Treat Times Not Yet Released

I have looked around and asked, but no times for Trick or Treat in Columbiana County have been released at this time.  As soon as I find them, I will publish them or let you know where to find them.