Monday, September 10, 2012


October 13 and 27 are the trolley tour dates for Salem, Ohio.  The tours are scheduled for 6pm, 8pm and 10pm.  The tour includes Hope Cemetery, Grandview Cemetery, and Cry Baby Bridge. 

The cost is $15 per person.  You can catch the trolley at the Salem Historical Society!
The tours last about an hour and a half and we get out in three places to look around. (Hope and Grandview Cemetery and Cry Baby Bridge)
Karen Biery, author of  "Believe", will be on hand at Hope Cemetery to tell you the Haunting Tale of Goldie Bell Taylor.

For more information and to reserve your spot, please call the Salem Historical Society at the numbers listed above.  :)
Author Karen Biery

Haunted Stairs in East Liverpool?

 Yet another ghostly tale has surfaced about the East Liverpool Area.  This seemingly abandoned Staircase is rumored to have a ghost haunting them.  IF YOU ARE AFRAID OF HEIGHTS, DO NOT GO ON THESE STAIRS.  THERE ARE FEW GUARD RAILS AND IT IS DANGEROUSLY STEEP. 
That said, the stairs might seem abandoned, but they are not.  We did an investigation here Saturday, Sept 8, and found it very busy.  We asked many people if they had any experiences on the stairs.  No one had heard of the tale. 
According to the story, if you ascend the stairs to the first landing and just stand there a few moments, you will be able to hear a woman whispering desperately in your ear.  We did not have that happen to us, but we did get some good EVP. 
We would like to do some more work in this area, perhaps on a night that is far less busy. 

If you have heard any haunting tales about this stair case (which sits across from Giant Eagle in East Liverpool), please let us know.