Sunday, September 30, 2012


Friday night, G12P got a sneak preview of the Jaycees Haunted House in East Liverpool!  All we can say is Prepare to be Scared!  It is four floors of horror that is very easy to get lost in!  Panic easily takes hold as you try to get way from the monsters and ghouls lurking within these walls!

 Dan, a long time member of Jaycees and one of three masterminds for this years horror fest, filled us in on the creepy happening that have been going on behind the scenes as well.  It is possible that the old Elks Lodge might be haunted. 
 The Elks building became the Elks in 1935.  It has been used for many different things over the years and has had it's secrets as well.  Several rooms leave those working inside uneasy. Some even make them feel like they are being watched.  No one thinks the permanent residents inside are necessarily evil, but warn everyone to "follow the arrows and stay on the path" through the house.  
The rules are the same as always for your safety and that of the monsters dwelling within. 

Here you see Dan and Brian, two of the masterminds for the 2012 Jaycees Haunted House. All the proceeds for Jaycees Haunted House fund the many community minded events that Jaycees handles each year.  This includes the East Liverpool Christmas Parade, Christmas Caroling at the area nursing homes, Special Olympics, and the Pottery Festival, to name only a few of the worthy community services Jaycees does every year. 
They are having a special sneak preview on Oct 1 starting at 7pm!  If you think your are brave enough, please plan to attend this chilling event.  It is for a great cause!  Of course, we can not guarantee you will survive your adventure.  We did, but we're ghost hunter. ;)