Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Remember, That Spooky Mist In Your Pics Might Just Be Your Breath

While it is awesome to get a cool pic with a strange mist in it, try to remember at this time of year, you can see your breath and your camera can easily capture it in photos.  Tonight we were down at Gretchen's Lock (long story as to why. Had to do with some one claiming to be a park ranger, but not in uniform, and didn't have a ranger car either. )

Pictured above is Amber, Lindsey, Brooke, Sammi, Jeff,and Lance.  The Phantom mist is just my own breath as I took the picture.  By the way, the fake ranger left as Amber, Jon, and I pulled in to the park.  We are looking into what is going on about that. This guy claimed he was a ranger at first and then said he had the same powers as a ranger and could kick people out of the park if he wanted to. If you know anything about this guy claiming to be a ranger, please let us know.  I am making a call to the Park Office tomorrow.