Friday, October 12, 2012


LOCK 57  Located just across the OH/PA border, at the end of Calcutta Smith Ferry Road.  We have found it to be very haunted there and worth a visit, especially at night.
THE WILLIAMS HOUSE at Beaver Creek State Park, Pioneer Village, has its share of things that go bump in the night.  If you bump them, they bump back.  Awesome ghostly activity here.
GRIMMS BRIDGE ABANDONED TRAIN TUNNEL  is, without a doubt one of the most spooky places in this area.  Hard to get to, but well worth a visit.  Only the bravest of the brave attempt this at night.....
ACROSS BEAVER CREEK AT PIONEER VILLAGE  is that little part of the park that meets up with Dog Wood Trail.  This is a place we visit often because it is very hauntingly active.  Here you are looking for the little Angel of Beaver Creek  and other things......
This is the Silver Crypt, in Wellsville.  Out of sheer respect, do not attempt a visit here at night, but do trek the woods for a day adventure. 
THE HAUNTED STAIRS OF EAST LIVERPOOL  is a newly found area of interest that is showing promising activity.  One EVP we got here said simply "I SEE YOU".
GROVE HILL CEMETERY in Hanoverton is an awesome sight, complete with the Legend of Christina Sloan to go with it. This area is toured by the Hanoverton Historical Society. The phone number to find out about the tours is ( 330) 277-4909 .
SPRING GROVE CEMETERY- Once considered a paupers cemetery, there are over 8000 people buried here.  Known for sightings of ghosts walking among the stones, it is spooky, even in the day.  We have a tour scheduled here on Oct 21 at 4pm!  Free!  But we are taking donations to give to the volunteers who take care of the area!
GRETCHEN'S LOCK, by far one of the most haunted places, even in the state of Ohio and well worth a visit.  For the truly brave souls out there, try it at night.  We are repeatedly amazed at the level of activity we are finding in this ghostly realm. 
CRY BABY BRIDGE IN SALEM, OHIO, which is located on Egypt Road, is one of the spookiest places I have ever been to.  A long abandoned road leads away from it into the unknown.  We are visiting this bridge on our Salem Trolley Tours this weekend. The Trolley Tours are sold out.  Hmmm. I wonder why?