Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Few Moments From The October 13 Salem Ghost Tours

Jack and Dani ready for the walking tour, given by Jack, in
 We had one Ghost Walk through the streets of Salem  on Saturday, Oct 13, and then three sold out trolley tours, that extended into midnight!
Jack telling the sad tale of Elizabeth and Harold Sharp.
The walking tour tells some of the sad tales of local history.  Some are not sad at all, nor tragic.  some just have to do with the history in general and include tales of President John Kennedy, and Col. George Armstrong Custer. 
We found ourselves in the dark in spooky places like Grandview Cemetery, Hope Cemetery, and Cry Baby Bridge!

 By the 10 pm tour, we made it to Cry Baby Bridge just at midnight, and we waited breathlessly in the bus as we shined our lights down to the bridge like the legend says to do.  Supposedly, a white mist should come up over the side of the bridge and settle in the center of it... before it starts to come toward you!
And of course, what Ghostly Salem tour could end with out a visit to Goldie Bell Taylor? 
The next tour for Salem is Oct 27.  The Trolley tours have sold out, but there are some spots left for the walking tours.  You might also try asking about being put on a list in case someone cancels.  We hope to see you out there for a spooky time in Salem, Ohio!!!