Sunday, November 4, 2012

G12P's Sedamsville Rectory Adventure Is Less Than A Week Away

Minus our kids, we are headed to Sedamsville Rectory this weekend.  We leave Nov 9. This is one of the longest trips we will have taken to do an investigation.  True, we are paying to do it, but I think it will be worth it.  We are spending the weekend down in the Cincinati area, planning on visiting places like Spring Grove Cemetery and Bobby Mackeys.
We are looking for the possibility of either Demons or Pukwudgies.  Either way, I hope we find something.  If we don't,I am still getting to visit an area I have never been to.  If you have any information on these places you would like to share with us, please email me at
We are filming a documentary about our adventure the whole weekend.  We are also doing live Spreaker broadcasts while down there.  I know for sure we will be on air at midnight November 9 from Sedamsville Rectory, and another one at 3am.  We are also planning one from Spring Grove and Bobby Mackey Parking lot. We may even investigate our motel rooms.  lol
I will have a better schedule up for our adventure later this week, if I can.

G12P's Halloween Party Was Awesome!

Dave made a handsome Pirate!
 We had our Annual End of Season Halloween Party last night and it was a blast!  We usually do this the first weekend of November, after all our tours, investigations, and lectures are done. Of course, our investigations never end, but we are really busy in October, more than any other month of the year.
 It is also our annal awards night.  We have awards we give out every year in several categories.  This year we added 5 new ones which we plan on keeping.  The Scooby Award, which is the person who does anything for food.  Brooke was our winner in that category this year.  The Shaggy Award goes to the person who continues to ghost hunt even though it can get pretty scary.  That went to Lance.  The Velma Award goes to the smartest crew member, and that went to me this year.  The Freddie Award goes to the person who is the best dressed on the crew.  We had a tie for that.  Dave and Sammi both took that award.

The last one is the Danger Prone Daphne Award and that was also a tie.  It went to Pam and Sammi.  Brooke and Lance got Cutest ghost hunting couple also.  WE had 29 categories this year .  

It was also Trick or Treat for our area last night and we took our kids out trick or treating.  We went to Meadowbrooke Circle, a place I have been going to since I was a kid.

This is something the whole crew looks forward to every year.  Recognition for their hard work and a good time as well.  We encourage this idea to other crews to help them keep it together.  Doing fun things like this as a crew is really helpful, secures your friendship and trust in each other, and makes all the hard work you do more worthwhile, knowing it will be recognized!  Amber won our Best Costume Contest, by the way.