Monday, November 12, 2012

Twin City Opera House IS a Future Investigation For G12P

Our last stop on this past weekend of Ghost Hunting for G12P was the Twin City Opera House in McConnelsville, Ohio.  What a huge building!  And inside was stunning! 

It is now a movie theater, but once upon a time it was used for plays.  Haunted by things like a formless black mass in the basement, to the ghost of a man murdered in the theater itself. 

Our guide, Shawn,  took us to several places in the opera house and shared his knowledge of the history of the building.  There are areas we didn't see, but the stage and beneath it was open for us to look around.

 For FREE, we took advantage of their greatly appreciated generosity.  All thirteen of us were given the tour and we even did a few EVP's while in there!  Yes, we got something!  At least two "Help Me" and one "Keep climbing"....
By the time we left, we decided this was going to be our next over night excursion!  Only a two hour drive away, we are excited to tackle this large building! Right now we are looking at March, but nothing certain yet.