Thursday, December 6, 2012

More G12P 2012

 One of our first events for 2012 was a lecture at Ohio Valley College of Technology about ghost hunting. 
 We had a tour of the East Liverpool City Hall,
 and the museum they have in the jail portion of the building, which is no longer used for the bad guys.
 We set up at Calctutta for their Memorial Day events, too!  Awesomely fun day!
 This is from May, when we set up at Wildwood Acres out near West Point for their opening day.  It was a great time!
 This is Cooky, our little mascot.  You see him from time to time at our events.
One of our many midnight runs, this one at the Dogwood trail at Beaver Creek State Park.  Want to talk about a creepy place?  The Dogwood Trail at night is just that.