Wednesday, December 12, 2012

G12P Crew Changes

Drama on Ghost Hunting crews is never ending.  It is my personal belief that being around ghosts can have residual side affects that cause people to argue with each other, and that is crew members as well as family members.  This year we must have hit the mother load in ghosts because the drama on our crew was just crazy.  Some times it was absolutely ridiculous.
For example, we had two crew members quit recently because I changed the date we went to Sedamsville Rectory from Dec 7 to Nov 9.  Two people could not go that date, but the rest of the crew could, so we went on Nov 9.  I lost one of my long time crew members over that, which really surprised me.  
There were three people I let go.  While I will not get into the particulars about it, it had to do with crew drama for the most part and putting things on facebook that shouldn't have been there. 
Then there were several people who decided to take a break from ghost hunting earlier  in the year and I just never heard from them again.  Right now, G12P is down to about 13 people at this point. 
I am liking that number. Now, there are a couple of people that I have in mind for next year that I may ask to join the crew.  We will not be having any open enrollment ever again.  That just really backfired pretty bad for us in 2012. I learned some valuable lessons on that.   If you want to know who is still on the crew, check out our Crew List above.  Do know that we are still going strong and I still have most of the original people who have been with me from the beginning. People like Jon,
Amber, Brooke, and Sammi are still going strong with G12P. Then there are people like Jack, Dave, Lisa and Lance who are rocking the house!  We are not going anywhere. Just adjusting to a smaller number of  crew members....for now.  :)