Sunday, December 23, 2012

Exploring Jaycees Haunted House Behind the Scenes

One of the coolest things we did in 2012 was tour the 2012 East Liverpool Jaycees Haunted House.  Held in the old Elks Building on 5th Street, we were invited to tour the mayhem before it began! 

 Jaycees is one of those organizations that a town just can't do without.  The East Liverpool Jaycees handles so many things for the area, they are an essential part of the community.  You see them at places like the Pottery Festival, the annual Christmas Parade, Special Olympics, and many other aspects of the East Liverpool Community.  We appreciate the hard work they do and will always  be some of their biggest fans! 
 While I love haunted houses, the chance to walk through this awesome old building was like an opportunity I truly appreciate to this day!  I can't say ghosts walk the halls here, but memories certainly do. 
 I did a story about the old coffin they use and how it actually had dozens of dead bodies in it, as it was used for showings for those who were going to be cremated. 
Several of my crew took the chance to try out the old coffin, though they didn't know it had ever been used.....
 Jack was mildly surprised, but nothing ghostly shakes him, so he was fine with it.
Now you may ask if we investigated the building.  Well, that is a video for another time.  :)

Shadows of East Liverpool History on River Road

 There is a lot of history that sits on  River Road in East Liverpool.  Old Potteries, gas stations, and other ghosts of memories leave you wondering what it looked like down there once upon a time.
An old gas station sits along the road, the old gas pumps either laying on the ground or up against the building. 

On this gas pump, the price is .80 per gallon.  I barely remember gas prices like that. 

Another one said $1.40 per gallon. 

There are old buildings that, over the years have been used for many different businesses.  One of them belongs to the original C.C. Thompson Pottery,but at this time, I am not sure which one.

I would love to investigate this building! I imagine it has some tales to tell! 

All beside the Jennings-Randolph bridge connecting Ohio to West Virginia.  Even this bridge has it's tragedies to tell. 

This is the back of one of the previous buildings shown.  It has some legible writing across the top.  ESTABLISHED 1877  COLONIAL POTTERS
There is other writing across the top, but I can't make it out. If you know anything about this building, its history, or who owns it (as I would love to have a peak inside this one, too), please let me know.