Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Leetonia's Cherry Valley Coke Ovens-Lots In Store For The Future

Leetonia has lots of plans for their Cherry Valley Coke Ovens in the coming year.  They currently have a twitter page, https://twitter.com/LeetoniaOvens   and will soon have a facebook page as well.  When I hear more about their plans, I will be sure to let you all know.  Be sure to check out their Twitter page and follow them to keep updated on their future plans!!! 

Images From Our 2012 Gretchens Lock Christmas Eve Investigation

We went one night early this year for our Christmas Eve investigation.  Instead of going on the actual Christmas Eve at midnight, which is actually 12am Dec. 25, we went at 12am Dec. 24.  Still no writing on the wall, but we did get some interesting EVP and Ghost Box Session results. 

We were there for about an hour and we froze our butts off.  Dave, Lisa, Amber, Lindsey, and myself were on the crew for the evening.   No Esther Hale or even Gretchen for us for the evening.  We did get an EVP that claimed to be Tommy (possibly of the Lucy Cobb story?)

The Grist Mill was flooded so we could not go inside.  Bummer.  We haunted the door way and all around it,  however.

The Laser Grid was pretty awesome.   We left it for over half an hour, but saw nothing in the grid.  Very Bummer.

Our breath in pics was also a problem, but made for some cool pics.  In case you are not aware of what we are investigating, supposedly on Christmas Eve, at midnight, you are supposed to be able to see the word "COME" written on the wall.  It is said to be the last thing Esther Hale did before she committed suicide was to write that word on the wall.  Now, every year on Christmas Eve, that word is supposed to appear on the walls of the Grist Mill.  We have not seen it yet. 
Well, maybe next year, and G12P will be there once more to see it.