Sunday, December 30, 2012

Bigfoot Hunts Bigger for G12P in 2013

We had a good year in our Bigfoot adventures.  Exploring the county for ghosts and Bigfoot kept us busy.  The Bigfoot adventures have been the most exciting.  We got involved enough in this to get a trail camera.
Jon checking our trail camera.
 In 2013 we are buying 2 more cameras along with a couple more advanced cameras.  We are shopping around for those at this time, but hope to have them by April 1. 
Passing one of our trail cameras on a fall Bigfoot hunt.
In the mean time we will be out there researching the county, not just for ghostly activity, but for Bigfoot activity also.  
We are interested in any Bigfoot sightings particular to Columbiana County.  If you have heard of any or even had an experience yourself, please let us know at

 I like the Bigfoot adventures because I often combine the two, ghosting and Bigfooting.  In September we went on an overnight hike along Beaver Creek and visited a little known Canal of the Sandy Beaver Canal system, #53.  It was beautiful and unforgettable. 
We have at least two more overnight hikes planned for2013 along with extensive work along the Sandy and Beaver Canal System.    With the experience we had on Oct 12 where we may have caught the vocalization of a Bigfoot, we are doubling our efforts in this field. Once you have heard it, seen it, experienced it, you are hooked.  As is Ghosting 12 Paranormal.  :)

Ghosting 12 Paranormal Haunted and Historical Tours

A few members of G12P:  (left to right) Kar, Amber, Lindsey, Kimberly(me), and Jon.
 Paranormal activity of any kind is such a mystery.  We struggle to understand it and discover more about it.  For some it is about being famous because there is such an interest in the field.  For others it is about the actual science of it.  I think the trick is being able to bring both together.  I say that because there is no money to be made ghost hunting. You don't charge anyone to investigate their home, for example.  It is and will always be done for free, at least for G12P.  Yet you have to have some way to buy your equipment and also have time to study the information you are getting.  If you have to have a job to buy your equipment, you are also scheduling your investigations around your job as well.  Ghost Hunting for the most part is a hobby because of that.  Couple that with the reluctance we as ghost hunters experience in sharing what little information we do get, and the paranormal will remain paranormal.  For me, it is more the science.  I actually study the information I get, and I have my own theories. The more I learn, the more my theories have changed, as I have proved or disproved different things, for myself. 
I have been working for nearly 5 years now to come up with a way to make ghost hunting my job.  I want to be able to ghost hunt and make a living at it.  I am nearly there.  Besides working on two books, going to school (studying business administration), and working hard to help my community, which I love, I am about to start my own business.  G12P Haunted and Historical Tours.  I am starting with my own beloved Columbiana County.  This county is full of ghostly tales and adventure.  I am excited to SHOW everyone the things that this quiet little county has to offer.  I am working toward getting my own tour bus (or two or three!!).  It is so exciting to know I am going to make ghost hunting my job.
Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”
Confucius( )
And so it is for me.  Something is out there. Ghosting 12 Paranormal Haunted and Historical Tours can take YOU to find it.
More information on this new venture will be available in the coming months.  Please stay tuned!