Thursday, January 31, 2013

Seeing Someone Out of the Corner of Your Eye

Have you ever see someone out of the corner of your eye, but when you look full on, there is no one there? I have done that several times, including on investigations. It happens a lot at Gretchen's Lock, for example. Definitely haunted there, as I am sure most who have been there will agree.
The question is, did you see something that may be paranormal in nature, or was there something in your sight that might resemble a human form? One thing I do when it happens to me is check out the area and see what is around me. Is there anything there that I might be mistaking for a person? It could be a telephone pole or a tree, or maybe a coat rack or lamp. Keep in mind that I also make an attempt at writing down what I saw with as much detail as possible, as soon as I can. Even if there is something that I might have mistaken for someone in that sideways line of sight, I still write it down. The next thing I do is research. I ask questions of my other crew members to see if they saw anything out of the ordinary (not exactly what I saw). I also check the history of the area to see if there is any other recollection of anything like what I saw.
If you detailed seeing something that is commonly seen in that area, like the Bride of Sprucevale, Esther Hale, would be a woman in white, possibly in a wedding dress, haunting the bridge or Grist Mill, then perhaps you did see something. Or if you keep seeing a little old lady wearing a yellow dress and shawl, sitting in a rocker and you later discover a little old lady died in your home years before, you could be seeing something. The key word in all of this is RESEARCH. You won't know unless you look. Never assume anything when you are dealing with what might be ghosts. We don't know enough about what they can or can not do to say with any certainty that what you saw in the corner of your eye was the coat rack. My theory suggests that a ghost uses whatever it can at times to get your attention. More often then not, if you do do the research, you will find evidence to back up what you saw. Try it the next time you see something out of the corner of your eye. What can it hurt?

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

9 Symptoms of a Haunted House

Have you ever wondered whether you house was haunted? Haunted houses are so common there are actually a list of symptoms you can look for. Here are a few of the more common ones. 1. Doors open and close by themselves. That can be your doors in/out of the house, bedroom doors, cabinet doors, anything with a door.
2. Water turns on by itself, or your toilet flushes by itself. 3. Lights turn on and off by themselves or flicker. 4. Your TV turns on and off by itself, or changes channels by itself. The most common TV ailment would be when it turns on either while you are gone or in the middle of the night. 5. You hear footsteps in areas of your home that are not occupied at that time. Upstairs, attic, on the stairs, hallways.
6. You hear voices. Sometimes they are distant or muffled, but you can tell it is a conversation. Other times you hear your name being called or a simple "Hey" 7. Things move in your home. Not that you can see necessarily. For example a statue setting on your fireplace mantle might end up in your kitchen all the time or in a closet, or even constantly turned upside down or backwards. 8. You may experience Phantom smells, like smelling cigar smoke or flowers all of a sudden. Perhaps perfume or even food. 9. Your pets act strange. Your dog seems to bark at the wall or your cat is watching something down the hallway, but when you look there is nothing there. Of course, all these things can have simple explanations. Your first objective is to look for a cause for any of the above. Your cat may be watching a bug, for example, or you may have some faulty wiring. The voices you hear may be your neighbors. Cigar smoke smells may be coming from antique furniture. There are many possibilites. The above list are the more common symptoms from homes that were determined to actually be haunted.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Using the Trail Camera As A Ghost Hunting Tool

We all know that ghost hunting equipment is very expensive. Try to buy a thermal camera and you will see it is over $1500. A good night vision camera can also free you of over $600. As ghost hunters we area always looking for good ideas for ghost hunting equipment that does not hurt the wallet. Here is a good one. A Trail Camera. Trail Cameras are used for hunting to see what kind of game is in the area. We have one we use for our ghost hunting purposes. It is a Truth Cam and it does an awesome job.
It has night vision. It tells the date and time, AND TEMPERATURE stamped on every picture. It takes a pic every few seconds, depending on movement. You can collect a lot of information, especially using it to record an EVP session, like we did in Sedamsville.
We were able to keep steady track of the attic temperature the whole time it was in the attic with awesome results.
We were using the trail cam to try to capture a Puckwudgie, a cryptozoological creature that possibly lives in the rectory. AS it turned out, we were able to gather a lot more information from the camera. It is now a permanent part of our ghost hunting tool kit. We even bought a second one to use. And the nice thing? The cost is about $100. Camera, Night Vision, Video Camera, Temperature Gage, all in one piece of equipment.

Judge John Reddick Cheats The Devil (Beaver County, PA)

In Beaver County, PA, there is the grave of Judge John Reddick. One of the first men to be voted as a judge for the state of Pennsylvania, he was smart, quick witted, and loved racing horses. There is a mystery surrounding him as well as a LEGEND to go with it. It would seem that at his death in 1830, the judge had some rather strange instructions for his burial. He was originally from Virginia, but when he got older he moved to Pennsylvania. He love both states greatly, so his request has his grave half in Virginia (now West Virginia) and half in Pennsylvania. Supposedly there is a door on each end of his above-ground tomb. That is where the mystery comes in. Why would he request such a thing?  There is a story about it.
The Judge was a betting man and loved racing horses. He owned his own ranch stocked with race horses in fact. According to LEGEND, one day the judge was appproached by the Devil himself, who proceeded to offer him a wager. He told the judge that he wanted to race him. The Devil would use an old nag, while the judge could choose any horse in his stable. If the Judge won, he could have whatever he wanted. But if the Deviil won, he would get the Judge's Soul. Looking at the old nag, the Judge quickly took the bet. He chose a fine white stallion from his stable for the race, convinced he would win.
Not thinking about the fact that he was dealing with the Devil, the race commenced. However, every time the Judge would try to pass the old nag, the nag would breath fire out its nose, scaring the stallion, who then refused to pass. And of course the Judge lost. The Devil told him he would be back at the end of the Judge's natural life to collect his Soul. To outwit the Devil, the Judge determined to have his grave in two different states, along with two doors on his tomb. In that way, what ever way the Devil approached his tomb, he could escape on the other side. His tomb still exists to this day, though it is on private property. I think it is an awesome legend!
The grave is now on private property, surrounded by a fence. According to the locals in the area, there are no doors on the tomb.  It sits quietly in someone's back yard.  After the Civil War ended, the border lines changed between PA and what would become West Virginia. The Judges grave now sits a full ten feet into Pennsylvania.
 The pics are from the Pittsburgh Press, 1953.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Some call it sleep paralysis. Something wakes you up in the middle of the night. You see a dark shadow beside your bed, either at the foot of the bed, or worse still, right beside you. The next thing you know, you feel like something is pressing you down at the shoulders or chest. It almost feels like someone is sitting on you. For some, it is even hard to breath...
After a few heart pounding seconds, it goes away, and you are left shaken and very unable to go back to sleep. This happens to a lot of people. Some believe it just a dream. But for anyone who has actually had this happen to them, it was very real. I believe there is something to this event. The stories are always the same, with slight variations. For example, some people see a loved one at the foot of the bed, or beside it. I will say that would be a little easier to handle than a black shape. But not always. For me, it was my mom who appeared at my bedside.
The first time I saw her, I was sleeping and for the longest time I thought it was just a dream. She was standing there, beside my bed, not looking at me, but the floor. Her arms were hanging straight at her side and she was talking. She was telling me things I did not believe at the time. I was bothered by that, but assumed it was a dream.
Five months later, January 13, 2012. It is 3:33 am and I am awakened by someone walking into my room. At first I thought it was one of my crew members, Briana. I remember thinking she must be looking for some equipment, but why was she in my house in the middle of the night. So I sat up on an elbow, now fully awake, and I am looking at her standing in the corner by my closet. Her back was to me, but I immediately realized it was not her. This person was wearing a blueish sweatsuit of some sort and a bright blue hat. I sat straight up in bed and pointed at what I realized also was a stranger in my house. I yelled "Who are you?" Still in the corner, but now standing sideways, head slightly down and hands clasped in front, it didn't move. It just stood there. Now I am terrified. Someone was in my house. I thought all kinds of horrible things. My grandson was spending the night with me and I put meyself between him and whatever was in there with us. I pointed again toward it and demanded once more "Who are you!" And then I watched this thing literally disappear in front of my eyes. It started at the head and feet at the same time and reminded me of a dull sort of sparkler, lit at both ends. I was up for the rest of the night, trying to figure out what had happened to me in that room. Who was that? Why did they act so strangely? I checked my doors to make sure they were closed and secure. I paced and drank coffee. What was that?
A few hours later, my life changed forever. I found out that day all the things my mom said was happening five months earlier,was true. Once that happened, I came to the conclusion that that person in my room was my mom, though I am not certain. I was scared and I don't know that she would have done that to me. But the events of the following day were serious and I think she was there to warn me or to be there for me perhaps. My mom would do that. These two events are different in nature and have similar circumstances. Can I tell what they are? My experience, I firmly believe, was with my own mom. The experiences of those who have sleep paralysis, I believe are experiencing a ghost. The question is, what is it doing and why is it so frightening?
Thank you to The Peterborough Paranormal Society for the use of the pictures. Please click on the link to get their take on Shadow Person. The verdict is still out for me. It has occurred to me that, while this is frightening, what if it is trying to communicate and does this to get your attention? There are too many variables to make an absolute decision about it. YET.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

You Just Moved Into A New House And Your Family Is Fighting Constantly

I don't just hunt ghosts. I actually study the information I am gathering in the process. There are things that I have learned up to this point (after 8 years of evidence gathering). I have theories, which I talk about in my lectures, and which are very controversial. I have different veiws about evidence, orbs, and demonic activity. The nice thing about the TV programs that deal with ghost hunting is they share the same experiences I will bet every other serious ghost hunter has encountered and is discovering. We are all finding the same information and frustratingly, we are all too stubborn to talk to each other about it. But to get back on track, I was watching one of my favorite shows, Ghost Adventures, about the Sedamsville Rectory, and I was surprised at what they were dealing with. Not just ghosts, but the emotions that go with it. My crew and I have been dealing with the same things. According to Zak Baggins, when you are possibly possessed by something demonic, it affects your emotions and you feel things like unexplained rage. My crew and I have often felt that particular emotion.
We fight constantly and often. It is the worst after an investigation. My question is: Are we possessed, or is it something else? Something more simple? My theory maintains that it may not be possession at all, but simply a residual side effect from being around a ghostly presence. I have experienced these sudden, out of the blue, feelings of rage. I have experienced extreme depression. I have experienced this feeling that even my own family does not love me or want me around. Our crew, has at times, been worse. We lost a lot of people in 2012. We fought and argued about the stupidest things. And most of our biggest problems happened around our investigations. Perhaps the worst was before, during, and after our Sedamsville Rectory investigation on November 9. We fought for weeks before we went on the actual investigation. The only thing I feel that kep most of us together was our knowledge that we experience this, though that was the first time we did before an investigation. Why do I think it had to do with Sedamsville? Because every argument had to do with that investigation. We argued about the date, who was going, who was riding with who, what we had to pay, and so much more. By the time we actually went, we had lost three crew members. Two quit because we changed the date and a third I actually fired because of what vehicle we should take. Yes, it got that bad. We almost did not go on that investigation. It did not end with that. We struggled while we were down there. Thankfully we are a close knit group and most of us weathered the storm, with G12P still in tact. I was shocked at what we went through because I didn't believe it about Sedamsville when I saw it on the Ghost Adventures episode. I should have.
In the end, I believe that whatever haunts Sedamsville knew we were coming. What I don't know yet is whether we were plagued by so much chaos before we went because it didn't want us there, or was it trying to further entice us to be sure we would come. I have no doubt the building is haunted. With what, I am not sure. All this leads me to your problem. If you have read this far, then maybe you are having difficulties in your new home with relationships. Fighting all the time with spouse or children. Bouts of extreme rage that you can not explain. Moments of depression that you equally can not explain, which is seemingly keeping you from your family and friends, perhaps isolating you. I would like to say I know what it is, but I don't. I know only that you are not crazy. And these feelings are not normally you. I can't say you will get rid of it, but I am working on ways to combat it. 1. If you don't feel like being around family or friends, do it anyway. 2. If you are feeling particularly depressed, STAY OFF OF FACEBOOK. I don't have an explanation for that yet other than fights are even easier to start on there than in person with the people you love and care about. 3. If you are struck with that bout of rage toward someone, LEAVE. Walk away for a while before you do or say something that you can not fix or take back. If feelings like that are not normal for you, maybe it isn't you. Leave. 4. If you have already done some of these things, you can start to fix it at least, by saying you are sorry to those you have hurt or offended. Some might accept and some might not but it seems to help YOU. 5. Have your house blessed by a priest or shaman. If you don't know anyone who can do that, do it yourself. Walk through your home and say the Lord's Prayer in each room and demand that whatever is there leave you alone. It is your house now and you have that right. 6. This works for some people also: wear a cross or something that you feel will protect you, like a St Christopher Medal, or for me, it is a buffalo head Nickel encased in a dream catcher with turquiose on it. 7. Don't be afraid to fight back. No, we don't know yet what it is that we are dealing with, but fighting it is better than trying to lamely deal with it or ignore it.
Hopefully in the coming year, we can get together with others who are working with this phenomenon, compare notes, figure out what it is, why it happens and how best to deal with. The first step is knowing it is there. That is half the battle.

Jan 20 Midnight Run To Gretchen's Lock

Gretchen's Lock will forever be a place where I can catch my thoughts and be at peace for the few moments I am down there. I don't know what it is about that place, but I could be having a pretty bad day and then go down there and I just feel better. The gates are closed at this time, but you can park by the Grist Mill and walk in. That is what my crew and I did.
A huge tree fell in what we call the middle of town. I would say it is at least 80-100 years old. Definitely dead for a long time, it came crashing down and broke to pieces. I crawled behind it where it came out of the ground, hoping for some kind of trinket or something from Sprucevale. Rocks. Just rocks and sand. And briars. Ouch.
I heard strange noises while I was there. I tried to record it, but it was too faint to pick up. Spooky. It was coming from the Lock 41 area, and I could have sworn it was coming toward us. Considering my crew was pretty small, and whining (my dog, Lexi) we opted to not go after it. There will be other days, however.
It was a good evening and I have several videos I did to go over. I am working to be ready for our Feb 16 tour down there, weather permitting. More information will be coming about this chilly event by next week. I would love to hear some of your adventures at Gretchen's Lock! Please leave a comment, or email me!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Salem Ghost Trolley Tour Dates Set For 2013

The Salem Ghost Trolley Tours are extremely successful and we have already scheduled those for 2013. July 27, Aug 24, Oct 12 and 26 are the dates to remember. Book your spot early because these sell out fast. There are usually three tours per night, 6pm, 8pm, and 10pm. With only 22 to 25 seats per tour, they sell out fast. Once again, we are stopping at such sites as Grandview Cemetery, and Cry Baby Bridge. We also stop at Hope Cemetery to visit Little Goldie Bell Taylor, among other residents there. If you are interested in reserving a seat for these tours, please call the Salem Historical Society at 330-337-8514! Hope to see you there!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Tomlinson Run Park-Adventure Awaits-And Hopefully Ghosts

One of the great places you can find in the Tri-State area is Tomlinson Run Park, in West Virginia. Camping, boating, camping, hiking trails, lots of history, camping, eve Bigfoot, and did I say camping? I explored the place I was most familiar with today, which is the Hartford's Mill area.
Close to this area is also the place where the Poe Brothers, Adam and Andrew,engaged in a fierce battle with Chief Bigfoot and another of his warriors (whose name I don't know, Yet). It ended in the death of the Chief and his man. This occured in 1781. As I look into more detail, I will let you know what I find! If you know anything, please let me know at

Thursday, January 17, 2013


One of the more eerie stories coming from Wellsville is about a little play area on 11th and Riverside.
It is supposedly haunted by a shadow person, some call the Hat Man. I am looking for any stories about this little park that might help explain this possible ghostly snippet of a story. If you have ever experienced anything like this around this area, please let me know! I have talked to some people about, and their tales are close to each other in details. THIS IS WHAT THE HAT MAN MIGHT LOOK LIKE:

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


In the last couple years I have been hearing a story about 9th Street in East Liverpool,and more recently, the same story in Wellsville, also about 9th street. It is called "The 9th Street Slaughter House". The story goes that a doctor lived with his family on 9th Street and one day, just goes insane. He slaughters his whole family and then himself.
During the Johnny Appleseed Festival, the same story was told to me, only it was about 9th Street in Wellsville.
Asking around, no one knows the exact story, though one Police Officer I talked to in Wellsville said he did hear of a house in East Liverpool that was supposed to have had several murders in it, but it was torn down. The only house I know of in that area is the empty lot where the Taylor murders took place in 1979. That was not a doctor's family, but three murders did take place in the house that was there. I have been doing research into this story possibly being an Urban Legend of some kind, but so far I have found nothing to match the 9th Street Slaughter House story. If you have ever heard this tale or know of one like it, maybe in another city,please let me know.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013



Sunday, January 13, 2013

Looking for Ghostly Tales about Wellsville,Ohio

My first priorty for 2013 is to pull the Wellsville tour together and finish it. I have a lot of information, but I need some missing chunks to bridge it together. I am interested in anything from Riverside,and Main Street clear down to the Police/Fire Station and I am also interested in 9th street. Honestly, I am interested in any story, but most of what I have is in the above mentioned areas. I have included a few pics of places I found interesting along Riverside. Please email me with anything you know of or heard about in the Wellsville area.

New Information on Old Tales--Egypt Road

I am always doing research. Usually it is to find new stories (of which we have several this year we are introducing), but sometimes I also run into new information on an old story. Such is the case with Salem's Cry Baby Bridge. While checking out DEAD OHIO,they proved to be a wealth of information. I stongly urge you to check out their web site. It is awesome! On their site they talk about Cry Baby bridges and to my surprise they found 24 in the state of Ohio alone. I was intrigued. Eqypt Road's Cry Baby Bridge is listed, with some completely different versions of the bridge stories from what I had found. It is frustrating to discover that in only ten years the stories have changed so much. One story that jumped out at me, however, talks about the "Dark Man of the Forest." We are doing more research on this particular story and you will definitely hear more about it on our Salem Ghost Trolley Tours this year!!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Putting Together A Ghost Hunting Crew For 2013? Here Are Some Tips--

G12P has been fortunate to have a lot of different people on our crew over the years. While we still have 5 of our original 8 crew members, there were times when we had as many as 30 crew members. It has been an awesome experience getting to know so many people this way. I did, however learn some lessons, especially this last year. 1. Do a background check. I can not express enough how important that is. Last year I took on several new people and later found out two had felony records for forgery. It was a real problem, and I ultimately had to let them go. There was just no way around it. They could never do a private investigation with a record like that. Had I been told about it from the start I would not have brought them on the crew. I know that is why they didn't say anything, but if I had done a background check, I would have known. DO A BACKGROUND CHECK ON ALL POTENTIAL NEW CREW MEMBERS! 2. Work on making an agreement concerning attending any public events you have. If you are busy, like we are, sometimes it turns out that a few of the same people end up doing a lot of the work. It is not hard to agree to attend a minimum of 6 functions a year to stay active on the crew. That is reasonable, and your crew gets along with each other a lot better.
3. Make sure everyone on your crew has a specific job they are responsible for. We have Leads in areas like Lead Technician, Lead Investigator, Lead Event Set-Up, Lead Costumes, Lead Research, etc. Everyone has a job and one person is not stuck doing all the work.
4. Do not handle all your communication on Facebook. We have tried and failed at this. It is far too easy to get into arguments that end friendships. There is texting, emails, and the good old phone to keep in touch with your crew members. 5. If things are slow for you, be sure to schedule regular crew meetings as a chance to connect with everyone on your team. You might even want to schedule something on a social basis to improve your crew relationships. We go to the movies together, plan picnics and even parties and card nights. Once a year we also have an award night, giving out certificates for things like Best with EVP or Best Picture Taken. We have 25 categories for our awards.
6. Try not to get too much "crew" equipment. For G12P, the only equipment we bought together is our camera system. Everyone has their own Camera, Recorders, and then people bring their own special equipment like Ghost Boxes, phones with Ghost Radar, Lasar Grids, etc. What is yours is yours and when you leave, yours goes with you. These are just some ideas on ways to get your crew to get along better with each other. Lessons learned in the field have guided us to these conclusions and these tips work for us. Are we perfect? No. Far from it, but we never stop working at it and that only strengthens our ability as a team. Any questions or comments, please feel free to let us know!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Our New Thompson Park Video

We have a new video on YouTube. It is called Thompson Park-A Ghost in the Restrooms at Pavilion 1.
Please check it out. We are also looking for stories about that area. If you have ever had any experiences there or heard a story about it, please email us at

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Our First Midnight Run of 2013 Was Freezing Cold!

It is cold and windy out tonight but we braved it to do some ghost hunting.  That would be Lisa Sullivan and me.  We decided since it was just the two of us that we would check out Calcutta Memorial Park.  It is part of old Calcutta, the old Main Street running right past it.  We know it today at Calcutta Smithferry Road.   There are several great stories we tell in the Calcutta tour about this area and they give us enough reason to want to check out the area.  I have a couple nice pictures of the area but Blogger seems to be having some issues the last couple days and I am unable to load any pics at this time.  I sure hope they fix that soon!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Blogger not posting pics

Apparently, blogger is having problems with the picture uploads and that is affecting me.  I have several articles to do on this site but can't with out pictures.  As soon as it is fixed, I will resume site updates.  I hope it is soon!!!