Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Some call it sleep paralysis. Something wakes you up in the middle of the night. You see a dark shadow beside your bed, either at the foot of the bed, or worse still, right beside you. The next thing you know, you feel like something is pressing you down at the shoulders or chest. It almost feels like someone is sitting on you. For some, it is even hard to breath...
After a few heart pounding seconds, it goes away, and you are left shaken and very unable to go back to sleep. This happens to a lot of people. Some believe it just a dream. But for anyone who has actually had this happen to them, it was very real. I believe there is something to this event. The stories are always the same, with slight variations. For example, some people see a loved one at the foot of the bed, or beside it. I will say that would be a little easier to handle than a black shape. But not always. For me, it was my mom who appeared at my bedside.
The first time I saw her, I was sleeping and for the longest time I thought it was just a dream. She was standing there, beside my bed, not looking at me, but the floor. Her arms were hanging straight at her side and she was talking. She was telling me things I did not believe at the time. I was bothered by that, but assumed it was a dream.
Five months later, January 13, 2012. It is 3:33 am and I am awakened by someone walking into my room. At first I thought it was one of my crew members, Briana. I remember thinking she must be looking for some equipment, but why was she in my house in the middle of the night. So I sat up on an elbow, now fully awake, and I am looking at her standing in the corner by my closet. Her back was to me, but I immediately realized it was not her. This person was wearing a blueish sweatsuit of some sort and a bright blue hat. I sat straight up in bed and pointed at what I realized also was a stranger in my house. I yelled "Who are you?" Still in the corner, but now standing sideways, head slightly down and hands clasped in front, it didn't move. It just stood there. Now I am terrified. Someone was in my house. I thought all kinds of horrible things. My grandson was spending the night with me and I put meyself between him and whatever was in there with us. I pointed again toward it and demanded once more "Who are you!" And then I watched this thing literally disappear in front of my eyes. It started at the head and feet at the same time and reminded me of a dull sort of sparkler, lit at both ends. I was up for the rest of the night, trying to figure out what had happened to me in that room. Who was that? Why did they act so strangely? I checked my doors to make sure they were closed and secure. I paced and drank coffee. What was that?
A few hours later, my life changed forever. I found out that day all the things my mom said was happening five months earlier,was true. Once that happened, I came to the conclusion that that person in my room was my mom, though I am not certain. I was scared and I don't know that she would have done that to me. But the events of the following day were serious and I think she was there to warn me or to be there for me perhaps. My mom would do that. These two events are different in nature and have similar circumstances. Can I tell what they are? My experience, I firmly believe, was with my own mom. The experiences of those who have sleep paralysis, I believe are experiencing a ghost. The question is, what is it doing and why is it so frightening?
Thank you to The Peterborough Paranormal Society for the use of the pictures. Please click on the link to get their take on Shadow Person. The verdict is still out for me. It has occurred to me that, while this is frightening, what if it is trying to communicate and does this to get your attention? There are too many variables to make an absolute decision about it. YET.

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