Sunday, January 13, 2013

New Information on Old Tales--Egypt Road

I am always doing research. Usually it is to find new stories (of which we have several this year we are introducing), but sometimes I also run into new information on an old story. Such is the case with Salem's Cry Baby Bridge. While checking out DEAD OHIO,they proved to be a wealth of information. I stongly urge you to check out their web site. It is awesome! On their site they talk about Cry Baby bridges and to my surprise they found 24 in the state of Ohio alone. I was intrigued. Eqypt Road's Cry Baby Bridge is listed, with some completely different versions of the bridge stories from what I had found. It is frustrating to discover that in only ten years the stories have changed so much. One story that jumped out at me, however, talks about the "Dark Man of the Forest." We are doing more research on this particular story and you will definitely hear more about it on our Salem Ghost Trolley Tours this year!!

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