Sunday, January 27, 2013

Using the Trail Camera As A Ghost Hunting Tool

We all know that ghost hunting equipment is very expensive. Try to buy a thermal camera and you will see it is over $1500. A good night vision camera can also free you of over $600. As ghost hunters we area always looking for good ideas for ghost hunting equipment that does not hurt the wallet. Here is a good one. A Trail Camera. Trail Cameras are used for hunting to see what kind of game is in the area. We have one we use for our ghost hunting purposes. It is a Truth Cam and it does an awesome job.
It has night vision. It tells the date and time, AND TEMPERATURE stamped on every picture. It takes a pic every few seconds, depending on movement. You can collect a lot of information, especially using it to record an EVP session, like we did in Sedamsville.
We were able to keep steady track of the attic temperature the whole time it was in the attic with awesome results.
We were using the trail cam to try to capture a Puckwudgie, a cryptozoological creature that possibly lives in the rectory. AS it turned out, we were able to gather a lot more information from the camera. It is now a permanent part of our ghost hunting tool kit. We even bought a second one to use. And the nice thing? The cost is about $100. Camera, Night Vision, Video Camera, Temperature Gage, all in one piece of equipment.

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