Thursday, February 21, 2013

Two Ghostly Pictures of Interest From Gretchen's Lock Tour

Wehave been using our Trail Camera to ghost hunt with recently and it is having some awesome results. In this one, we put the camera on the bars at the back door of the Grist Mill and then went and did the tour. It only takes a picture if there is something moving. In the right of the picture you can see a white misty form. It looks like it is streaking through and got caught on the camera. What ever it might be, the picture looks awesome. It was cold out and snowing by the time we went back to get the camera, after 9pm. The picture was taken at about 7:45. The Grist Mill has an awesome reputation to be haunted, so this picture could be something. I think this picture is my breath, but what is intersting is the face. It also looks like it has arms with claw like hands. Creepy for sure, making this picture interesting as well. We had just finished chasing something (we never caught it so I have no idea what it was) in the Jake's Lock area, and I have to wonder if this is a ghost making fun of us? Highly likely it is matrixing, but it is still a cool looking picture. Comments or ideas are welcome, as always. Or email me.

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