Saturday, February 2, 2013

What Are We Capturing On Our Trail Cameras Out In The Field?

We are always active in using our Trail Cameras, looking for Bigfoot in our area. Ever since we got the possible vocalization in October, we really stepped up our work in that field. While we have not gotten that coveted Bigfoot shot, we are finding some other creatures out there. So far, lots of deer.
Any experience in the field is good. Right now we are learning things like setting up our cameras properly, and where to put them to get the best pictures. We are also putting them up in different weather conditions to see how they work and how the weather affects the pictures taken. No experience is bad experience. We are hoping to someday get that picture of the BigGuy, but until then, know we have a lot of the Beaver Creek area covered below Grimms Bridge. If something is out there, hopefully we will be the ones to find it. :)

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