Monday, March 25, 2013

2013 Jake and Esther Video Plans For G12P

 We have several videos we will be working on this year.  One is a new Jake the Night Watchman video.  We have a sexy new star for that and we are excited to add some of the different information we have found. 

David McElhaney will be playing Jake the Night Watchman
in our video this summer!  Please be on the look out for it!

We are also doing a new Esther Hale video.  With Ambers make-up expertise, we have found a new look for our version of Eshter Hale.  She is played by Brooke Mckinely, as always!

This is Brooke last year at our Ghost Walk for the Civil War Reenactment at the State Park!  This is what you will see in our new video and we are excited about it!  The fact that we are actually going to try our hand at a video rather than a slide show event is very exciting for us. 
There are other videos coming also, and you will find them here and on our YouTube channel!
Look for both videos later this summer!

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