Thursday, March 7, 2013

Battle of Atlanta

************ The Battle of Atlanta took place on July 22, 1864, but the city did not finally fall until September. It would be a Union victory. The leaders for this battle included: Maj. Gen. William T. Sherman and Maj. Gen. James B.McPHerson for the North. Maj. Gen. McPherson was killed in this battle. And Lt.General John B. Hood for the South.

The Union Army had 34, 863 soldiers, while the Confederate Army had 40,438. Casualties were 3641 for the North and 5,500 for the South, in one day. This is something I just can't even imagine. So many lives lost. Where did they put all the bodies? I know there is a small mass grave in Riverview Cemetery. though I have not been able to get the exact story for it. Why put them in a mass grave? I guess they were lucky to at least have their names to put on stones.

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