Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Battle of the Wilderness-From Civil War Monument at Riverview Cemetery

First I just want to say Thank You to Wikepedia for all the information they provide, free of charge, as well as Pictures. I have been doing some research into the memorials of the area, and decided to see what the battles were that are chisled into the Civil War Memorial Chapel at Riverview Cemetery. Some of the battles I have heard of, but most of them, I did not. With that in mind, I decided to look the battles up and see what they were about. Forever chiseled into the stone of the building, these must have been important or BIG events for the day. Interesting that some seem to have faded into history. Wilderness is one such battle. The Battle of the Wilderness took place in Spotsylvania County and Orange County, Virginia on May 5-7, 1864. The Commanders were Ulysses S. Grant, and George G. Meade for the North, and Robert E.Lee for the South.

The North had 101,000 soldiers and the South had 61,000. There was no winner for this battle. 2,246 Union Soldiers were killed, and 1,495 Confederate Soldiers lost their lives. What stood out about this battle was the tight spaces they had to fight in. Moving about noisely on narrow trails and through thick underbrush made the fighting difficult and bloody. Now you know a little bit about the Battle of Wilderness, Virginia.

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