Thursday, March 14, 2013

East End Hides An Old Street Car....

&&&&&& &&&&&& There are several streets in East Liverpool that show evidence of trolley car lines that once worked the city. This is 4th street. In East End there is also an old street car building that housed all the trolley cars for the area. Trolleys ran all over the county, like buses. You can still find the remains of the old trolley lines, and I have done a couple stories about them in the past. To my delight,while I was talking to Dan Marshall from Coffee Fusion in East Liverpool, OH. He told me that in East End there was an old Trolley Car being used for a storage shed. And so I found it. You couldn't tell at first that this building was once a trolley car, by looking at it off hand. But if you look closer at it..... I am so excited to find that there is one saved, even if it is being used for a storage room. At least it is still there. I am working on a tour of East End to run during the Pottery Festival this year and it will be included on the tour! If you have any information on this treasure, please let me know!

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