Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Shocking Practice On Civil War Battlefields-Dead Soldiers Left To Decay In The Open

&&&&&& I have been studying the Civil War, getting information ready for posters and other things we want to present on May 25 at the Scenic Vista Park Civil War Reenactment. One of the shocking things I discovered was a practice by the Union Army. It would seem that while a Union soldier would get a proper burial, a Confederate soldier would not. Their bodies would often be left to rot in the sun. In the above picture, you see a dead man lying beside the fence. This is an actual picture from the Civil War. The grave beside him is that of a Union Soldier. In this picture you see men gathering body parts of confederate soldiers, months after they died in battle. Notice the boot and pant leg still massed together. I can't even imagine what it was like to travel over the battlefields after the fighting was over, even days, weeks or months later. It must have been horrifying. It is no wonder that many of these battlefields are haunted....

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