Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Civil War Mysteries of Riverview Cemetery

The Riverview Cemetery in East Liverpool is a very beautiful memorial park. It sits high on top of a hill and the view is amazing. It is a final resting place for a great deal of the history makers for the East Liverpool area. It is also the resting place for many Civil War Veterans from the area. The Civil War had a huge impact on the entire country. East Liverpool was no exception. Civil War memorials went up all over the county and this large building pictured here started out for just that purpose. Engraved all around the building are the names of battles from the Civil War. WILDERNESS-ATLANTA-PETERSBURG-GETTYSBURG-CHICKAMAUGA-CEDAR CREEK-SHILOH-APPOMATTOX-VICKSBURG-AND ANTIETAM Some of these battles I have heard of and some I have not.

I visited the East Liverpool Historical Society Web Site and got a little information. This building was built in 1897 honoring the Grand Army of the Republic veterans. Engraved on the walls are the names of Civil War veterans from East Liverpool and LIverpool Township. I wonder what happened to the top of this building. You can see where it was, with the flat surface on top. I was told that the building was very poorly designed and the roof nearly collapsed a few years after it was made. The top, if made of metal, was probably scrapped during the second World War. What a loss.

I decided to research the battles etched into this building and see what they are about. I will be posting what I find on here in several stories. With the upcoming Civil War Reenactment at Scenic Vista Park on May 25-26, I am eager to come up with things about the Civil War from this area for our booth. If you know any stories about this county concerning the Civil War, please let me know!

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