Monday, April 8, 2013

A Few Ghostly Minutes in Toronto, Ohio

On our way home from the Bell Nursing Home, we stopped to see this Beautiful piece of Ohio's ghostly history.  It is the Goucher Hotel.  What a history.  At some point, there was a tragic accident inside the building where an elevator cable snapped and several people were killed, including an 8 year old boy. 
I love the old look of this building, but also of the building beside it.

It is the Toronto National Bank, and it looks long closed.  I would love to go inside!  The coolest thing about it however is this......
On the outside of the bank is this box that says Burglar Alarm. It was made by the O.B. McClintock Company, which was around from 1900 to 1947.  I hear they are rare.  I wonder if Toronto realizes they have this little gem?  (they are the Gem City)  I looked up their Historical Society web site, but it has not been updated since 2010.  I would like to see someone save it for their museum at least. 
Here you see the alarm on the side of the old bank.
Toronto has many other old buildings I would love to check out.  I hope to spend the day there in the next few weeks and see what else I can find.

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Anonymous said...

The Toronto National Bank was torn down this past Fall 2013. I grew up there and also loved the old building. In the 1970s and early 80s the building was used for the jr.high kids and the high school to have dances there. It was informally called "Youth Harbor". I am surprised that of the many, many, MANY times I have been by that building I never noticed the Burglar Alarm on the side!!? Wow!! I really hope someone has it.