Monday, April 8, 2013

Investigating the Bell Nursing Home in Kimbolton, Ohio

Jon McElhaney and I went to the Bell Nursing Home in Kimbolton, Ohio to do an all night investigation on April  5. It was a great experience.  I look forward to going back.  We went on a night that was a public investigation and met some really nice people! 
We already have a video out about it.  The first video I watched from our investigation had two EVP on it.  EVP From Bell Nursing Home is now on YouTube.
Jon through the lens of the new
goggles we have.
 They also have a haunted doll collection, which you have full access to.  The dolls are certified to be haunted, each by a their ghostly little girl.
One room has a creepy, and I mean creepy,CLOWN in it.  You couldn't help but envision it getting up and walking toward you down the long, dark hallways. 

They also offer free coffee during the investigation and anyone who knows Jon knows he loves his coffee.  He was happy!
Here are a few more pics from our investigation.

In the basement you will find a large blue case with a white cross on it.  Inside is this dummy used to practice cpr on.  Creepy.
For the haunted doll fans there is this truly creepy dolly.  We were calling her Zombie eyes.
This doll came complete with a death certificate.
I was intrigued!
This investigation was a genuine good time and I hope to get my whole crew in on an investigation there later in the summer!
For more information on the Bell Nursing home, here is their web address:

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