Thursday, April 4, 2013

Paranormal Adventures in Newton Falls


I spent the day Wednesday, April 3 in Newton Falls exploring the area to get ready for a lecture I am giving on April 13 at the Newton Falls Public Library. 
I asked Carol Baker, the fine lady who contacted me about this lecture, what were some of the local ghost stories.  She gave me three.
The first is about the Oldest remaining Covered Bridge in Ohio, which happens to be in Newton Falls. It is the second oldest built in Ohio.  It is also known as a Cry Baby Bridge.  Sadly, it has little to its story.  Girl gets pregnant, tries to hide it from the community, throws it into the river as she is standing on the bridge and the baby drowns.  It's cries can be heard from under the bridge to this day.
The historian at the library says that is not a story about this bridge but some other bridge someplace else.  This bridge is very busy, and honestly, I am grateful it is still here.  Way to go Newton Falls for preserving it!  If it is haunted, well, that makes it all that much better!  

I also had lunch at Sam's Pizza on Canal Street in Newton Falls.  I talked to the manager there and he said at one time the building was a dance hall frequented by gangsters.  There is even a little door by the back door used to "check your guns" in.  He was not sure about any of the other stories about the place, but they have no problem with what ever ghost might be in there.  It doesn't bother them and they even seem to like it.  That's my kind of Pizza place.  Their pizza is awesome by the way!  I had a square pizza with my favorite combination of mushrooms, green peppers, and pepperoni.  Awesome crust, too!
The third place that was possibly haunted is the Newton Falls Public Library.  The staff has experienced phantom smells of burnt toast and pork chops.  We are returning next week to do a little work in the library and see if we can find out who is cooking in there!  We will let you know what we find on April 13! 
I also checked out the Newton Falls Cemetery and it was awesome! 
The cemetery is in two sections joined together by this beautiful iron foot bridge.  My cousin, Billi Jo, found it!  She joined me for the day and we had a lot of fun!  I look forward to spending the day again with her!
One mystery for me was finding this mausoleum.  It has no actual markings other than some fading inscriptions on steps beside it. At least three children are inside, from the very early 1800's.  The site is beautiful and I am very interested in learning more about it.
Newton Falls has a lot to offer for the dedicated ghost hunter and I am excited to share my findings on April 13, at 2pm at the Newton Falls Public Library!  It is free, but you must contact the library for tickets.  There are only 50 available, so please contact them right away if you want to attend!  Hope to see you there!

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