Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Town Once At Grimms Bridge

This is a square indentation in the ground near Guard Lock 16.  I do not
know what building was here.  Maybe the school?

 . The Grimm's Bridge area is full of mystery.  Locks. Trains and tunnels.  Old Paper Mills.  Foundations of buildings long since forgotten.  And ghosts. 
I have heard tales of The Captain and the Lady, The Lost Girl, a Blue Lady tale, a story about a young man named Brian that was killed diving off of Grimm's Bridge itself and so much more.

Foundation in the Grimm's Bridge Area

Information about the Grimm's Bridge area, before the bridge was
ever built.  Spears Mill was the name of the settlement.
I have seen maps that show a general store and a school in the area, over 100 years ago, long before Grimm's Bridge was even there.  There had to be a town.  Some claimed the town's name was Grimm's Bridge, but there was no evidence to support that claim.   My search for the real name took over two years.  Spears Mill was only a settlement for about 40 years, but it left much behind, including some pretty spooky ghosts.. 
Cramer's Navigator was a popular book used by settlers going west. I would love to read some of this book! 
Another foundation further upstream from Spears Mill. 

With so much still remaining of Spears Mill, G12P will continue our investigation of the area historically and paranormally. Our ghostly adventures here have been intense. 
Any questions, stories about the area, personal experiences, would all be appreciated.

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