Sunday, June 9, 2013

A ghost on the wall in the Chapel at Mansfield Prison- Caught by the trail camera.

 In our Mansfield Investigation, we used the trail camera and got some interesting results once more.  We put it in the Chapel and left it there for 4 hours.  In that time it took over 700 pictures.  There were people in and out of the Chapel all evening (we went with 18 other people), so we have shots of them all.  However, there are also anomalies in the pics that need some explaining.  In these pictures, on the right side you see a light colored mist that moves slightly between the two pictures.  I am not sure yet what this is.  It looks like an apparition of some sort caught flying across the back of the room. 
For now it is in the unexplained file until such time as I get back there to check it out.  I am also looking to see who I can contact about it at Mansfield.   If you know, please let me know!

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