Thursday, June 13, 2013

We Are At The Pottery Festival Today Thru Saturday

We will have a booth set up today at the Pottery Festival in East Liverpool with our usual line of history and ghosts. 
Stop by and meet some of our new crew members like Tracy or Anna....
 Dennis and Amanda, both new this year also.  They will be manning  our booth at different times over the next three days.  They are great ghost hunters and they look forward to talking to you about their favorite subject:  GHOSTS!
 Laura is back with us this year.  She will be at our booth Friday!  She went with me to Mansfield and you can get her view of that awesome adventure!
 And you can visit with some of our regular crew members like David, who is learning about Taro Cards to see if he can do some readings with those.  He and Tracy are both looking into that and are getting quite good at it.  They have a regular set of Taro cards and an angel set. 
and Jon!  Jon will be helping with the tours Friday and Saturday night as a tour guide.  He is awesome with people, so look for a good time on his tours!
And I will be there all three days, morning to night, like always.  We look forward to seeing you!

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