Friday, July 26, 2013

Clean-up Continues At Thompson Park

On Tuesday night, July 23, a tornado was thought to hit the Thompson Park area of East Liverpool, but instead it was a down burst, according to the Morning Journal.

Still, the damage that the "down burst" did was dramatic with winds of 80 to 90 miles per hour.
I took a walk at the park today, and this is what I saw:
 Cleaning crews are working hard to get the park cleaned up, at least on the top, around the circle.  There are leaves and small branches all over the park, almost like fall, accept the  leaves are all green instead of fall colors. 
 This road loops up across the upper most part of the park and it is still a mess.  But considering the pictures I saw of the mess that was in the park, it is remarkable what has been cleaned up already! 
 This is one of the large trees on the circle that was literally blown down during the storm.  It is still there, as crews are working on getting the paths and walkways cleaned up first.
There were a few people out walking the circle and all of the landmarks about the park are perfectly fine.  The time capsule, amphitheater, pavilion 1, and tennis courts all fine. 

The most important thing to remember right now is the park is basically closed.  You can go on the walking circle only.  There is still extensive damage below, including downed trees apparently in the swimming pool.  Please help the park out by not going into the danger areas so they can get everything cleaned up and ready for you to enjoy once again!

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