Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Darlington PA 1802 Greersburg Academy

 Another interesting piece of history I found in Darlington PA was the Greersburg Academy.  It was built in 1802.  What intrigued me the most about it?  It is 200 years old and still standing.  According to the sign on the building it was referred to as the Stone Pile. 
 Also according to the sign, there were several men who graduated from this school that would later become famous for their deeds.  Two of them I have heard of, having to do with things from my area. 
William Holms McGuffey has roots in Calcutta.  If you go to the Calcutta Elementary School, over near the Pavilion you will find a large stone erected.  It is a memorial to McGuffey.

John Brown is the next person I had heard of that graduated from Greersburg.  He was an abolitionist
who is credited with basically starting the American
Civil War with the
Harpers Ferry Raid in 1859.  He was captured at this raid and later
hanged.  Along with him was a young man named Edwin Coppock, who was a Quaker from Salem, Ohio.
 Located right beside the Civil War monument, there is all this history, free for the looking.  Thanks Darlington for protecting your history to share with everyone!

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