Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Gretchen's Lock- Edward Gill Namesake of Guilford Lake

 Edward Gill  is best known in this area as being the father to Gretchen Gill, the 12 year old little girl who died of malaria and was/is buried in Lock 41 of the Sandy and Beaver Canal system. 
In real life, Mr. Gill never had any children and is buried in Virginia. 
Yet he definitely left his  mark on this area.  Besides being the chief engineer for the Sandy and Beaver Canal, Guilford Lake is also named after him, according to this memorial, which is beside the dam.   The date on the map pictured below is 1870 and shows you Gilford, the town.  Pretty big town in 1870.  Gilford is no longer a town in the county, according to Wikipedia.  I don't think there is a town called that any more.  It is now just Guilford Lake,  a beautiful body of water surrounded by those who appreciate its beauty and quiet calm. 
Below is a picture of Edward Gill namesake to Gilford Lake.  He was real life person.  We can't say the same for Gretchen, but this is a starting point in our effort to find the real story about her, if she existed, and whether or not she is still entombed in Lock 41. 

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