Tuesday, July 2, 2013

New Crew Means New Adventures At Gretchen's Lock

 Working with a relatively new crew is a great opportunity to look at areas with new eyes.  I have been to Gretchen's Lock literally dozens of times, but most of my new crew has not.  We did some ghosting last night in that most spooky of places and except for Jon, no one was familiar with the stories or background of the hot spots we were visiting.  It was awesome! 
EVP, SB7 sessions and Ghost Box sessions were done all over the park so I hope we got something! 
 We were using the Goggles I bought back in January.  I like some of the pictures it takes.  I think if something was standing in the woods you would be able to see it, whether it was a Shadow person, or a Bigfoot, using these things.  Not a bad deal on sale at $40.  When I was at Mansfield, there was another guy there using them, also.  He said he loved his.  I agree! 
 Jon was there last night also.  He knows how to make an evening so much more interesting!  He is great with people and I look forward to many adventures with him in tow.  The fact that he is a great ghost hunter is just a plus!

We had fun last night.   I have not had an opportunity like this in a long while and I was grateful for it.  Thank you to Amanda, Jeremy, Dennis, Jon, Peanut, Courtney and Tyme! 
We are going out again this weekend to explore another well known spot in the county. By the end of the summer, this new crew will be seasoned into a well oiled machine! We are already half way there!

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