Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Williams House At Beaver Creek State Park Burned Down July 24, 2013

I did not believe it when I heard the Williams House burned to the ground.  Shocked was a pretty good word. Then I jumped in the car and went down to see. 
And then, there I was, standing across the pond from it, seeing what was left of that beautiful old house.  It is gone.  According to the Review (HISTORIC BEAVER CREEK HOME LOST TO FIRE)t, it may have been struck by lightening.  The red roof was made of metal, and while the roof turned yellow from the heat, there was a red spot, which makes them think it was lightening or at least that is how I understood that article.  It was completely burned down when the fire department was called.  It had burned down some time in the night.  It just won't be the same in the park without it!

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Anonymous said...

Being formerly from the East Liverpool area I was both shocked and saddened at this loss. So very sad.