Friday, August 30, 2013

What Is The Most Haunted Location In Columbiana County?

 What do you think is the most haunted place in Columbiana County?  There are plenty of places to choose from.  My personal favorites include Bowman's Cemetery, Lusk Lock, Wellsville's old Fairview School, the Pioneer Village of Beaver Creek State Park, Gretchen's Lock and the Grist Mill, but I also know there are other places that might be just as haunted.
 We had an opportunity to investigate the Elks Club in East Liverpool last year as the awesome Jaycees readied the building for the October haunting!  It is my opinion that that building has a haunting all its own.  Not only are you dealing with the Jaycees ghosts, but there are a few real ghosts wandering those halls as well!  Is it the most haunted place in Columbiana County?
East Liverpool also has Thompson Park, Broadway Wharf, and Spring Grove Cemetery that might compete for that spot.
East Palestine has the Boatman Cemetery, and their Antoni  Park is pretty ghostly as well.  Leetonia has the incomparable Cherry Valley Coke Ovens, also a place with its share of ghosts.  Salem has Cry Baby Bridge, and Hope Cemetery.  Lisbon has the Devils Chair. 
Calcutta has Grimm's Bridge.  So many places, but how do you choose?  You investigate them all and which ever area gets the most evidence is the winner.  G12P will be out there over the course of the next two months investigating 20 different areas. When we are finished, I will reveal the ten most haunted places in Columbiana  County at the Salem Public Library on October 21, at 6:30pm. 
You will be hearing more about this event! 
If you are just interested in learning the Ghost Hunting basics, I will be at Leetonia Public Library on October 17 from 6 to 8 pm to tell you all about simple equipment you can use, what to look for in pictures, and play some EVP for you to hear.   

Both lectures are sure to be full in paranormal insights and easy tips on what you can do to find your own ghosts!  And both events are FREE TO THE PUBLIC!

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Unknown said...

I would love to be able to go Ghost Hunting with you guys sometime...What do i have to do to become a ghost Hunter?? Love reading about your expeditions and where you guys have investigated..What was your scariest moment during your investigations..