Monday, September 23, 2013

G12P At Prospect Place Mansion

 These are just a few scenes from our adventure last night at Prospect Place Mansion in Trinway, Ohio.  We had a great time and look forward to going back again. 
 We heard tales of the Underground Railroad, as well as stories about when TAPS and Ghost Adventures were here. 
 This is a cooling area they used to keep milk, cream, and the body of a dead little girl once upon a time because it was too cold outside to dig the ground for a grave.  She stayed in the basement until spring.  Her mother went down and stayed with her body for a few hours every day until the little girl was finally put to rest.
 Jon and Amanda did a great job investigating the building and surrounding area.  They had as much fun as I did.
 Here are a few more pictures from our investigation.  We highly recommend an over night investigation here.  We were busy all night with plenty to see and experience. 

This room supposedly has a portal to Hell, where the cross is.  You can see what Ghost Adventures did here at this location:

We had a great time here on this ghostly adventure and strongly recommend it for any ghost hunters out there interested in an active evening!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Ghost Hunting Do's and Don'ts

This is the old County Home outside of Lisbon.  You will get
arrested if you get caught on this property.  They do not give permission
to enter these buildings to anyone. 
It is that spooky time of year when people are out looking for ghosts!  It is fun and adventurous.  Your heart pounds, you laugh and sometimes you run for dear life!  Here in Columbiana County there are plenty of places to do that.  HOWEVER, there are some things to remember:
1. Get permission to enter any property that you are not sure about.  An awesome old house looks like a good place to check for ghosts, but NOT if it is on private property.    Often, if you ask the owners, they are happy to let you in and look around.  But if they say no, then NO means NO. 
2. Check the building out to make sure it is safe.  For G12P, we have security crew members whose job it is to check out the places we are going into first.  They check the floors, and  stairs to make sure they are strong enough to hold us.  They make sure there is not a lot of garbage or broken glass. 
3. You want to make sure the building you are entering do not have Asbestos, lead paint, or black mold in them.  No you won't die that night, but a few years from now.....
3.  If it is public property, like a park or cemetery, make sure you find out the park rules. OBEY THE RULES POSTED OR GIVEN.  You can go to jail and/or get fined if you don't. 
4. DO NOT VANDALIZE THE AREA YOU ENTER TO LOOK FOR GHOSTS.   I can't believe the amount of damage little Bowman Cemetery has taken in the last few years.  Why would anyone want to knock down a grave marker?  What possible pleasure can that give anyone?
This is a picture from Bowman's, before all the stones were
knocked down. 
This is the Grist Mill at Gretchen's Lock.  Notice the big hole in
the door?  People try to knock the door in to get inside.  Boy are
they in for a big surprise if they do!
5. Respect what you have decided to go looking for.  You never know what is going to follow you home

Yes, look for ghosts.  But do it safely, and make sure you are following the law.  After ten years of ghost hunting, I have made mistakes along the way, and I did my best to learn from them.  This is the best way to have a good time and ensure it is there for some one else to explore, too!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

An Adventure in a Cemetery Near a Power Plant

I had an adventure this morning.  I went to Bethlehem Cemetery in Shippingport, PA.  It is an old cemetery that started in about 1832.  A church sits on the grounds.  It is also very close to the Power Plant there.  So close, you can not take a picture of the cemetery without getting some part of the plant in your pics.  You are not allowed to take pictures there, which I found out the hard way.
.  You can guess what happened next.  I got stopped by security who wanted to know what I was doing there. Terrified that I was in some very deep trouble, I explained who I was and that I was a ghost hunter doing a story on the cemetery.   They ended up being very nice about it. I left them my card and they gave me a phone number to get permission to take pictures there, which I will do in the future.  Because it is so close to the plant, for security and I guess it would be National Security, you can not take pics that include any of the power plant.  That will be a challenge since the cemetery is nearly surrounded by it, but one  I am up to if they allow me back.  While we were there, it was raining and by the time it was over, it was pouring.  Yet there I was, standing in this pouring rain, deleting any pics I took of the plant off of my camera, while they watched.   I do think they need to put signs up stating you can't take pictures of the cemetery that include any of the plant. 
What got me into this mess?  Someone left a comment on one of my pages saying that there was no cemetery near the power plant and a nasty remark saying I was unreliable.  And I said "Oh no you didn't!"  The challenge was on to find it and take pictures of it as proof.  Well, needless to say, the proof part is not happening.  but I did put some pics on that I edited any and all power plant images out of. 

There are many more graves here, but you can't take a picture of
them as a whole without getting the plant in the picture.   The orbs are caused by rain, not
ghosts, at least that I know of.

Friday, September 13, 2013

The Three Witches Graves of Lipply Road Update

There used to be three grave markers on Lipply Road, near Columbiana and many people believe they are the graves of witches.  Because they are written in German, most people around here can't even read them, which may have started the legend about them.  A  few years ago, someone stole one of the stones and at one time, there was a reward out for the return of the stone, which never happened.  I got a message from a person who claims to know where the stone is and would like to know who owns the property the stones are on so they can talk to the owners.  If you know who owns the property, could you get a message to them and ask them to contact me at
Here is what the message says:
"Does anyone know the contact information for this location. I am very certain that I know the location of the missing headstone. If someone can forward along the information of the property owners I would love to be in touch with them."

Here is the web address for the story they are talking about:

If you can help get these people in contact with the owners, that would be awesome!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

October Lectures By Kimberly Mitchell

I have three lectures in October.  One is on October 17 at the Leetonia Public Library. It goes from 6-8pm.   The topic is Ghost Hunting Basics.  You will learn all the basics of ghost hunting, what equipment to use, and where you can go to find some paranormal activity.
On October 21, I will be at the Salem Public Library with a lecture on "The Ten Most Haunted Places in Columbiana County".  There are more than ten haunting locations in this little corner of Ohio, but I will be talking about the ones with the most activity!  Pictures and other evidence will be presented.  This event goes from 6:30 to 7:30pm. 
Both events are free.  You do need to call them and make reservations as seating is limited.
On October 5, I will be at Lock 30 Woodlands Camping Resort giving a lecture on The Ghostly Legends of Columbiana County.  This lecture is open only to campers.  It starts at 6pm.  For more information on all above events, please call:
Salem Public Library-330-332-0042
Leetonia Public Library-330-427-6635
Lock 30 Woodlands Resort- 330- 424-9197

Saturday, September 7, 2013


I am hearing some ghostly tales of the Rogers area, but nothing specific yet.  Talk of some of the houses being haunted has reached my ears, though it is none of these pictures here. To the left is one of my favorite houses in Rogers.  It sits behind Cowans.  The community was named for T.G. Rogers, who platted the community
 Trying to find out any other history about Rogers is proving to be a little harder.  A trip to the library is in the future to find out any detailed information at this time.  If you know anything interesting about this sleepy little town, I would love to hear it!  The picture to the left is an old hotel and general store.
 Looking down the street of Rogers, it is very inviting.  Reminds me of a movie I watched once called The Lady in White
If you know any interesting ghostly tales of Rogers Ohio, I would love to hear all about it!

Friday, September 6, 2013

New Poster for The Walking Dead

For those of you who are Walking Dead fans, like me, they released a new poster for the show and it portrays one of my favorite characters, Rick.  I am excited for the return of the show on October 13 and not just because I love it. My family and I get together and watch it as a group.  We discuss strategy, who is going to die next and how, and yell at the characters as we watch Zombies closing in on them and they don't see it!  You should have heard us scream last season when Hershel got his leg bitten and then cut off!  We laugh together, cry together and scream together.  Gotta love those family times!   Here is more information about the show, the poster, and the return in October: