Monday, October 14, 2013


Our tour at Lusk Lock yesterday was great.  Lusk Lock is not widely hunted for ghosts, but it does have them.  There have been reports of people seeing a man dressed in mostly black, with a black hat and boots, always around the creek area. Sometimes he is washing his hands in the creek, while others, he is standing in the woods, near the lock. 
There is also supposed to be a little three year old girl entombed in the lock.  Her name is Margaret Lusk.  In the picture above, Sarah and Melissa are waking up the stairs in the back of the lock to check out the alleged site of her burial.  
There were many deaths associated with the locks.  Some men died during the construction from malaria and other diseases, while others suffered Copperhead snake bites and dies from them.  It does not surprise me that there are ghosts all along Beaver Creek.

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