Monday, November 4, 2013

A Glimpse Inside The Rogers House

 There is a lot of work ahead for the Rogers House, but it is very promising.  Stories are coming in about possible disturbances in the past about the attic.  I have also been warned not to go in the basement alone.  AWESOME!!
I fell in love with the stairs, which are definitely a center for the house.  Here I see a woman coming down, making a grand entrance!  I also noticed the house seems to be void of any residual emotions. For example, a house that was always full of family and love gives you that kind of a feeling when you go in.   This one is strangely empty.  I have been trying my hand at giving buildings readings.  I am not doing too bad at it.  This one has a possible Abraham Lincoln connection, though I am not sure how.  It may not be to him directly.  I got more of an impression that the man who lived in the house, back when it was new, admired Lincoln and tried to be like him, even dressing like him and wearing his beard like him.  I have been right about a few other things at previous investigations so I thought I would start talking about what I am getting.

Looking from the second floor down to the first floor.
 There are a few personal belongings lingering inside from the last occupants, as you can see.  The hard wood floors have been painted but it is not hard to imagine their former beauty. 
This is the second  floor, which has three bedrooms.
 I was walking around inside alone and that was a bit unnerving.  I felt like someone was right behind me the whole time.
This is the living room.  I would like to have seen this home when it was new.  How beautiful it must have been.
Second floor bedroom. There is a sign on the wall that says "Petrina". 

There are three floors, not counting the basement.  Below is one of the two attic rooms, this one encased in card board.  This room also has dozens of flies in it.
Looking down the attic stairs, I had the sense that I was not wanted there.  It may just have been that I was wandering around inside alone to take the pictures.  I did 4 EVP sessions while inside.  I also had the ghost radar running on my phone, but the only word I got was "ride".   I continue to look for any Rogers history I can find, along with anything at all on this old house.  If you have any information, please email me at

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