Sunday, November 10, 2013

An Interesting Twist to the Salem Witch Trial of 1894

 I think it is cool that we had a Witch Trial in Columbiana County, in of all places, Salem, Ohio.  As I continue to research this little bit of our local history, I am discovering some interesting things. 
Here you see the grave of Fannie Hughes. She and her husband, Howard (yes, his name was Howard Hughes) were two people who accused a local farmer of being a warlock.  At the time of her death, Fannie was listed as a widow, and I have not been able to find Howards grave yet. 
Norman was also an accuser in the Hart Methodist Church in 1894.  He claimed that his horse was killed by black magic, and that his cow gave bad milk for the same reason.  
Sadie was yet another member of the Hart Methodist Church who accused the local farmer of practicing black magic. She and Fannie were sisters and they claimed their mother was murdered by the man they accused of being a warlock.  Fannie, Sadie, and Norman are buried at Grandview.  We stop at their graves on the Salem Ghost Trolley Tours. 
As it turned out, the accusers were all excommunicated from the church, they themselves being accused of telling lies and gossiping in the church.  The church did not survive this traumatic event. 
Despite the fact that they were excommunicated....

They would remain together for the rest of their lives...and after.  Norman, Sadie, and Fannie are buried side by side.  Even in death, they stayed together.  It makes you wonder what happened at that witch trial.  More to come about the man who was accused in a future article. 

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