Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Lisbon--The Doll in the Tree Fell

Earlier this year (July 12, 2013) I wrote a story about a doll being nailed to a tree in Lisbon, Ohio.  It has been there for years and many people refer to the house behind the tree as the Doll House.  About a month ago, as Tracy, one of the people living in the house, was looking outside, the doll simply fell out of the tree.  She walked outside and got it. 
 We are not sure how long the doll was in the tree, but some of their neighbors estimated it to be at least 5 years. 
Her body tears very easily and we have to be careful when we handle her. 
Since they brought her into the house, some strange things have happened.
Odd knocks on the wall happen at all hours of the day and night.  Tracy and Dave both say there is a presence in the house they did not feel before. 
We will be bringing this doll to the Rogers House in January, to see if anything comes with it.  She will be on display and anyone who decides to come and investigate the house will have access to her.
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