Friday, December 6, 2013

Cannons Mills Then And Now

 This is Cannons Mills in 1895.  I had a hard time finding this spot, first of all because of the covered bridge, which is no longer there.  Second, there are now so many trees in this area, it hides the lay of the land.
 I originally thought it was taken from the hill on Calcutta Smithferry.  I got nowhere in that area so I eventually ended up down on Cannons Mills Road. 

This is close to the angle the 1895 photo was taken.  Lots of trees now
block the view.

There are two bridges relatively close to each other on this road and after exploring both, I was excited to find the remains of the old covered bridge!  It is on both sides of this little creek where the orange bridge is today. 

The original bridge abutment for the covered bridge that once
graced this road way.   
Then I had to figure out what the angle was that the picture was taken. I think a road is now where that angle was.  I ended up climbing the closest hill and took several shots from there. 
If you have any information about this area, I would love to hear it!

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