Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Investigate the Rogers House Before We Start Bringing Things In....

We will be having public investigations over the next three months at the Rogers House.  It has its own ghosts for sure! Starting in April we will be introducing different items into the house that may be haunted.  We have the Lisbon Tree Baby Doll and we are working on getting the Coffin the East Liverpool Jaycees use in their haunted house.  This coffin has been used to show those dearly departed that chose to be cremated.  Dozens of the dead have laid in this coffin and it will be interesting to see if it is haunted in any way.  Many people in the Jaycees feel it is!  Were you ever one of the victims they laid in this coffin over the years?  We are working to have the coffin from May through August for any teams investigating the Rogers House over the summer.
We have some haunted furniture and jewelry coming as well and a few more haunted dolls.  This will be your opportunity to investigate haunted objects as well as a haunted house.  Expect the items to change about every 4 months.   
The public investigations are $25 per person and will run from 9pm to ???.    The first public investigation is Jan 17 and 18.  Be the first to investigate the house and have your picture hanging on the wall for all to see in the years to come.
There will be a mirror room, a family death portrait room and Emily's room in the attic. to explore as well as the others. The house has a parlor, basement, kitchen, three rooms on the second floor and two rooms in the attic. 
Come and investigate this house and discover who or what  haunts it. 
The Rogers House is waiting for you...

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