Monday, December 2, 2013

Twin City Opera House, Mansfield Prison, Bell Nursing Home, and Prospect Place Mansion-Best, Worst, Most Expensive

 First, let me say I had a great time every trip G12P went on this year.  All four places we investigated were an awesome adventure and I highly recommend all of them to the ghost hunter or group looking to have an exciting time.
That said, here is my opinion about each and how I rated them.
Twin City Opera House was outstanding.  We had access to nearly every room in the building.  It took all night to explore it all and we did just that.  We had a conversation with Everett  Miller, who was an usher at the opera house for 30 years.  He died in 1956.  It was amazing and I look forward to going back.  At a cost of $30  per person, it was well worth it.
 Mansfield Prison was the best time I had the entire year!  The place is enormous and I know there are places we never got to see.  The most haunted area for us (it seems to be different for everyone who goes there) was the wardens quarters.  We used a Mag light for the first time and it was a very successful experience we have since repeated in other investigations.  I gave the whole adventure a 10 plus.  Sadly, it is also the most expensive of our adventures.  It is $80 per person, minimum.  If you investigate during the week it is $1200 per night.  During the weekend it is $2400 per night.  You can take up to 100 people with you,, but it all breaks down to $80 per person no matter what.  If you can't find enough people to go, it is, of course, more than that.  Great adventure, but hard on the pocket.
 The Bell Nursing Home was just plain fun!  There is plenty to investigate, old and new.  Eerily, this nursing home closed during Christmas and you can still find "Merry Christmas" written on an old mirror.  We got a lot of evidence here.  We also got the bonus of getting to investigate a room that held allegedly  haunted dolls.  We got no evidence from that, but the idea intrigues me!  I loved it!  Again, I look forward to going back at some point in the future.  At a cost of $30 to $40 once again per person, it is a great adventure I highly recommend.
Of the four adventures we went on, Prospect Place was the worst.  It was fun, of course, but not what I expected.  Ghost Adventures and TAPS both hunted here.  In the ball room on the top floor is supposed to be the mouth of Hell.  We got absolutely nothing in EVP.  Amanda got a couple interesting pics in the basement, but that was it.  Only half of the building is available to hunt.  The barn is also available, but only the first floor.   Friday and Saturday nights are $60 per person.  Weeknights are $50 per person.  Pricey considering the restrictions.  Historically it is awesome, but we just didn't find much in ghostly activity to warrant the cost. 
So there you have it.  Of all these adventures, Twin City Opera House was the best  for the price, time allotted and size of the building.  Along with all the evidence we gathered there, it was the best adventure of the year!  (Again, all of them we highly recommend, but if you have to choose, Twin City Opera House would be the one!)

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