Wednesday, January 16, 2013


In the last couple years I have been hearing a story about 9th Street in East Liverpool,and more recently, the same story in Wellsville, also about 9th street. It is called "The 9th Street Slaughter House". The story goes that a doctor lived with his family on 9th Street and one day, just goes insane. He slaughters his whole family and then himself.
During the Johnny Appleseed Festival, the same story was told to me, only it was about 9th Street in Wellsville.
Asking around, no one knows the exact story, though one Police Officer I talked to in Wellsville said he did hear of a house in East Liverpool that was supposed to have had several murders in it, but it was torn down. The only house I know of in that area is the empty lot where the Taylor murders took place in 1979. That was not a doctor's family, but three murders did take place in the house that was there. I have been doing research into this story possibly being an Urban Legend of some kind, but so far I have found nothing to match the 9th Street Slaughter House story. If you have ever heard this tale or know of one like it, maybe in another city,please let me know.