Tuesday, January 22, 2013

You Just Moved Into A New House And Your Family Is Fighting Constantly

I don't just hunt ghosts. I actually study the information I am gathering in the process. There are things that I have learned up to this point (after 8 years of evidence gathering). I have theories, which I talk about in my lectures, and which are very controversial. I have different veiws about evidence, orbs, and demonic activity. The nice thing about the TV programs that deal with ghost hunting is they share the same experiences I will bet every other serious ghost hunter has encountered and is discovering. We are all finding the same information and frustratingly, we are all too stubborn to talk to each other about it. But to get back on track, I was watching one of my favorite shows, Ghost Adventures, about the Sedamsville Rectory, and I was surprised at what they were dealing with. Not just ghosts, but the emotions that go with it. My crew and I have been dealing with the same things. According to Zak Baggins, when you are possibly possessed by something demonic, it affects your emotions and you feel things like unexplained rage. My crew and I have often felt that particular emotion.
We fight constantly and often. It is the worst after an investigation. My question is: Are we possessed, or is it something else? Something more simple? My theory maintains that it may not be possession at all, but simply a residual side effect from being around a ghostly presence. I have experienced these sudden, out of the blue, feelings of rage. I have experienced extreme depression. I have experienced this feeling that even my own family does not love me or want me around. Our crew, has at times, been worse. We lost a lot of people in 2012. We fought and argued about the stupidest things. And most of our biggest problems happened around our investigations. Perhaps the worst was before, during, and after our Sedamsville Rectory investigation on November 9. We fought for weeks before we went on the actual investigation. The only thing I feel that kep most of us together was our knowledge that we experience this, though that was the first time we did before an investigation. Why do I think it had to do with Sedamsville? Because every argument had to do with that investigation. We argued about the date, who was going, who was riding with who, what we had to pay, and so much more. By the time we actually went, we had lost three crew members. Two quit because we changed the date and a third I actually fired because of what vehicle we should take. Yes, it got that bad. We almost did not go on that investigation. It did not end with that. We struggled while we were down there. Thankfully we are a close knit group and most of us weathered the storm, with G12P still in tact. I was shocked at what we went through because I didn't believe it about Sedamsville when I saw it on the Ghost Adventures episode. I should have.
In the end, I believe that whatever haunts Sedamsville knew we were coming. What I don't know yet is whether we were plagued by so much chaos before we went because it didn't want us there, or was it trying to further entice us to be sure we would come. I have no doubt the building is haunted. With what, I am not sure. All this leads me to your problem. If you have read this far, then maybe you are having difficulties in your new home with relationships. Fighting all the time with spouse or children. Bouts of extreme rage that you can not explain. Moments of depression that you equally can not explain, which is seemingly keeping you from your family and friends, perhaps isolating you. I would like to say I know what it is, but I don't. I know only that you are not crazy. And these feelings are not normally you. I can't say you will get rid of it, but I am working on ways to combat it. 1. If you don't feel like being around family or friends, do it anyway. 2. If you are feeling particularly depressed, STAY OFF OF FACEBOOK. I don't have an explanation for that yet other than fights are even easier to start on there than in person with the people you love and care about. 3. If you are struck with that bout of rage toward someone, LEAVE. Walk away for a while before you do or say something that you can not fix or take back. If feelings like that are not normal for you, maybe it isn't you. Leave. 4. If you have already done some of these things, you can start to fix it at least, by saying you are sorry to those you have hurt or offended. Some might accept and some might not but it seems to help YOU. 5. Have your house blessed by a priest or shaman. If you don't know anyone who can do that, do it yourself. Walk through your home and say the Lord's Prayer in each room and demand that whatever is there leave you alone. It is your house now and you have that right. 6. This works for some people also: wear a cross or something that you feel will protect you, like a St Christopher Medal, or for me, it is a buffalo head Nickel encased in a dream catcher with turquiose on it. 7. Don't be afraid to fight back. No, we don't know yet what it is that we are dealing with, but fighting it is better than trying to lamely deal with it or ignore it.
Hopefully in the coming year, we can get together with others who are working with this phenomenon, compare notes, figure out what it is, why it happens and how best to deal with. The first step is knowing it is there. That is half the battle.

Jan 20 Midnight Run To Gretchen's Lock

Gretchen's Lock will forever be a place where I can catch my thoughts and be at peace for the few moments I am down there. I don't know what it is about that place, but I could be having a pretty bad day and then go down there and I just feel better. The gates are closed at this time, but you can park by the Grist Mill and walk in. That is what my crew and I did.
A huge tree fell in what we call the middle of town. I would say it is at least 80-100 years old. Definitely dead for a long time, it came crashing down and broke to pieces. I crawled behind it where it came out of the ground, hoping for some kind of trinket or something from Sprucevale. Rocks. Just rocks and sand. And briars. Ouch.
I heard strange noises while I was there. I tried to record it, but it was too faint to pick up. Spooky. It was coming from the Lock 41 area, and I could have sworn it was coming toward us. Considering my crew was pretty small, and whining (my dog, Lexi) we opted to not go after it. There will be other days, however.
It was a good evening and I have several videos I did to go over. I am working to be ready for our Feb 16 tour down there, weather permitting. More information will be coming about this chilly event by next week. I would love to hear some of your adventures at Gretchen's Lock! Please leave a comment, or email me! ghosting12@yahoo.com