Wednesday, January 30, 2013

9 Symptoms of a Haunted House

Have you ever wondered whether you house was haunted? Haunted houses are so common there are actually a list of symptoms you can look for. Here are a few of the more common ones. 1. Doors open and close by themselves. That can be your doors in/out of the house, bedroom doors, cabinet doors, anything with a door.
2. Water turns on by itself, or your toilet flushes by itself. 3. Lights turn on and off by themselves or flicker. 4. Your TV turns on and off by itself, or changes channels by itself. The most common TV ailment would be when it turns on either while you are gone or in the middle of the night. 5. You hear footsteps in areas of your home that are not occupied at that time. Upstairs, attic, on the stairs, hallways.
6. You hear voices. Sometimes they are distant or muffled, but you can tell it is a conversation. Other times you hear your name being called or a simple "Hey" 7. Things move in your home. Not that you can see necessarily. For example a statue setting on your fireplace mantle might end up in your kitchen all the time or in a closet, or even constantly turned upside down or backwards. 8. You may experience Phantom smells, like smelling cigar smoke or flowers all of a sudden. Perhaps perfume or even food. 9. Your pets act strange. Your dog seems to bark at the wall or your cat is watching something down the hallway, but when you look there is nothing there. Of course, all these things can have simple explanations. Your first objective is to look for a cause for any of the above. Your cat may be watching a bug, for example, or you may have some faulty wiring. The voices you hear may be your neighbors. Cigar smoke smells may be coming from antique furniture. There are many possibilites. The above list are the more common symptoms from homes that were determined to actually be haunted.