Friday, February 8, 2013

Pets in a Haunted House

This is Cookey. He goes with us sometimes when we do investigations. Little dogs are fearless and Cookey is no exception. TAPS uses their ghost hunting dog, Mattie I think her name is. Our Cookey is not trained like that, but watching his reactions to our environment has sometimes been a help to us out in the field.
What are we looking for when I say "his reactions"? 1. He sits and stares intently at seemingly nothing. He turns his head sometimes, almost like someone is talking to him. 2. He barks at seemingly nothing. He will bark at a wall or down a dark hallway. 3. He sits and growls lowly, again, looking down a dark hallway, into a closet, in a dark bedroom, up the stairs, and when we look, no one is there.
With cats, it is a little different. 1. Cats will also sit and stare down a dark hallway. They have that "about to pounce" look and their tail twitches. 2. They run crazily around, jumping in the air, sometimes in a wild fashion. You think they are chasing a bug or something, but when you look, there is nothing. 3. Sometimes they hide, like under your couch or chair, growling, even hissing, if you try to remove them.
It honestly depends on each situation. Some dogs bark at the basement door or refuse to enter the basement or other rooms of the house, for example. Does it mean they are experiencing something paranormal? No. Of course you want to check things out. Look for bugs or rodents that you might not see at first. Anything that might be a simple explanation for their strange behavior should be considered and checked out. One home owner had a black snake in their house, for example, and didn't know it. Their dog, a little beagle mix, kept barking fiercely down their hallway, but by the time anyone would look, there was nothing to see. By chance, one of the kids happened to actually see the tail sithering into a closet and told their mom. When they looked in the closet they realized it was getting in through a hole in the wall used for the bathroom water pipes.
However, if your pet consistantly has the same reaction to an area, like a hallway or room and you can not find an explanation for it, consider the possibility that it may be of a ghostly nature.