Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Feb 16 Gretchen's Lock Tour Details

No, it was not snowing when we started our February 16 Gretchen's Lock Tour. We had an awesome couple show up to take the tour, for which we were glad to give them. It gave us a chance to use the new Goggles, shown above in use by Dave. Jury is still out on how well they are going to be in the field, though at this point, it looks like they are NOT going to do well outside. It shot some video we have not yet looked at, so that might change my mind. Lisa, Amber, Jon, Dave, and myself showed up to give the tour. As cold as it was, to say we are dedicated would be an understatement. Borderline obsessed is more like it, lol! We visited all my favorite spots, like the site of the old barn, the old house site, shown above, and the area around the Restroom. All these areas are your more haunted areas with some pretty cool stories. At one point during the evening, a couple of us saw what looked like red eyes watching us from the woods near the creek. The ghostly red eyes returned later on the other side of Jake's Lock, when Jon also saw a dark figure. He had startled it as he was looking for us in the park. It ran into Group Camp Area 1. We split up into two groups to try to find it. I actually heard it walking through the woods, very close to us, but we never got a real look at what it was. As we closed in on it,it disappeared on the other side of the fallen tree. This is Amy, one of the very brave adventurers who showed up for the tour. We sat to do an evp session at the fallen tree when she once again saw the red eyes, up in the trees near the site of the old house. A few minutes after it started to really snow, as you can see by the large snowflake above her head in the picture. We did get two interesting pics for the evening, but we are still going over the EVP.

Ghosting 12 Paranormal Headed to Twin City Opera House Feb 23!

We are leaving Saturday morning for McConnelsville and the Twin City Opera House. We visited the building in November, on our way home from Sedamsville and we knew it was our next investigation. We get from 10pm to 5am. It is only a two hour drive or so from here so we are excited to go on this investigation. Pictures and a full account of what we encounter will come next week. My tour business, Ghost Lady Tours, will be offering tours to this building later this year if all goes well. Let you know what we find!